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Foot Pain Specialist

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It might be normal to have foot pain after working a long shift on your feet all day, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the discomfort. At Foot and Ankle Wellness Center in Washington, DC, and Clinton, Maryland, the experienced podiatry team can help you find relief from bothersome foot pain. The team has extensive training in diagnosing and treating foot problems, so you don’t have to live another day in pain. Call the office today or request an appointment online.

Foot Pain Q & A

What might be causing my foot pain?

Foot pain isn’t anything to be taken lightly, as you might be developing underlying conditions that need prompt treatment before they get worse.  Your foot pain might be caused by:

  • Tendonitis
  • Foot fractures or broken toes
  • Strains and sprains
  • Other sports injuries
  • Bunions
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Nerve damage
  • Hammertoe

See the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center team if foot pain disrupts your life, is severe, or doesn’t go away on its own.

What does foot pain feel like?

Foot pain can be dull and aching or sharp. It can come and go, appear when you place weight on it, or linger long term. You can experience decreased range of motion, swelling, stiffness, warmth, and redness, as well as numbness, tingling, and popping sounds.

How is the cause of my foot pain diagnosed?

The team at Foot and Ankle Wellness Center has seen — and treated — just about every foot, toe, and ankle problem you can imagine. Their extensive experience and education equip them with the knowledge needed to thoroughly diagnose your condition. Your podiatrist first talks with you about your past medical history and asks you about:

  • What makes your foot pain worse
  • What makes it better
  • How long it lasts

Once your podiatrist gathers background information from you, they examine your feet thoroughly. During your exam, your podiatrist evaluates your foot, ankle, and toe strength, as well as neurological responses. If you have any tender areas, you should also let your podiatrist know.

Your podiatrist may want some X-rays of your feet if they need a better look at the overall structure and health of your foot. If they can’t get a clear image or need to look into something further, your podiatrist might order an MRI or CT scan. These types of images allow your podiatrist to get a clearer picture of soft tissues, like tendons and ligaments.

Which treatment options are available for foot pain?

Your treatment depends on the cause of your foot pain. If you have heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis, for instance, you may simply need custom orthotics to help improve your pain. Or, if you have a fracture or ruptured tendon, you might need surgery or wear a cast. Sometimes simply resting your foot and icing it can reduce foot pain.

Don’t suffer from foot pain that’s severe or long-lasting when help is within reach. Call the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center office nearest you today or schedule an appointment online.